Hot Leather

by New Turks

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Available on CD and Cassette by Bad Grrrl Records. Purchase here:


released November 22, 2013

Recorded May 2013 at the Pi-Hole by Ethan Gensurowsky
All songs written by New Turks all rights reserved 2013
New Turks is Louis and Ethan
Artwork by Justin Harris (
Thanks to Bad Grrrl Records, Dumb Waiter, Navi, Heavy Midgets, and others (you)



all rights reserved


New Turks Richmond, Virginia

A rhythm section with vocals. We like rock music.

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Track Name: Turns
its been around
all before
and i know
just how it tolls
just how it tolls

i've felt and seen
it didn't grow
planted and watched it grow
i felt it in and blew it out
i had it all without a doubt

and we know
just how to act
when we'll hide it down
and choke it back

then i felt and seen
it did inside
i had this, sure
i know, i'm mine
i felt this scene and felt it strong
i can tell a distant sign
Track Name: Waterside
i went down to the waterside
and had to slip it in
i went down to the waterside
and was so tempted

how do i feel
how do i feel

i went down to the waterside
and had to slip it in
i went down to the waterside
and was so tempted

how do i feel
how do i feel
Track Name: Bonestorm
shouldn't have calmed down
right when i did
felt my bones growing cold and unsafe
didn't mean to shout out
well, yes i did
the pressures growing much farther

felt a little unsure man
didn't stop me though
thought at least i could reach out
didn't speed it up
or slow it down
didn't feel i should run around
thought i'd let you know
it was tight

unsure of myself
or where i'm at
though its building up
i'm breaking down
pouring from my mouth
and through my bones
the storm is harder
Track Name: Stroke It
take a look around and see there's nothing
worth paying mind too
just stroke it softly and then loop it
cause our thoughts are so deep in

could've felt it
then decided that i had to stop it
but we're lost and so deep in
should've smashed it
should've shook it
couldn't help but write it
all down and watch it fall

could of felt it
could of seen it
should of stopped it
should of stopped it
Track Name: Spoken
hey man, what are you thinking
trying to show us, where they are
yea we're working, don't you see it

yea we drink man, yea they all do it
that's your excuse
but what are we doing
you got nothing to do
but sit here
and act like some kind of macho dude

and you say you're trying to work for it
but what do i know
you act like you try to run this show
and you sit there
and you just laugh about it
and you knock em back
yea we all knock em back
but still
yea, what do i know
Track Name: Dinosaur
i need it

he's got one and she does too
let me see it, come on dude
what does it do
will i look real cool
does it come in black
or white or blue

i need it

it's brand new and it matches too
real compact come on, shove it in
show everyone and don't stand out
don't be you
just try and be cool
he's got one
and she's got one
i want one
why cant i have one
but he's got one
and she's got one
but i need one
they all have one

throw it away